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The Mentor Program for Online Users is a one year instructional program conducted via computer and modem using electronic communications, i.e. electronic mail (e-mail).

Each program is tailored to each student with a focus on guiding and training the student in developing information retrieval skills necessary for fulfilling the information requirements of his/her organization or corporation, or personal information needs. This entails learning the vast array of online databases and online services needed for obtaining data, background information, competitive intelligence, worldwide information, and  just about any type of topical research.

The Internet offers an extraordinary array of electronic resources.  Traditional online vendors such as Dialog, Lexis-Nexis, and Dow Jones have introduced new databases and innovative features.  These online services offer invaluable information for many purposes.

During the Mentor Program, the student learns:

The major online services and players
When and why to use one or another service.
What you need to start
How to select databases that are right for your needs
How to anticipate costs
How to perform searches
The Mentor teaches both cost-effective and time-efficient searching.


The Mentor Program is go-at-your-own pace with a year appropriated since learning about information sources and how to use them takes experience and practice over time. Further, the Mentor encourages students to bring their own questions to the to the table for in-depth exploration. In addition, the Mentor creates customized assignments.

During initial sessions, the student will describe information needs and that of his/her organization. The Mentor will develop a work plan outline. This plan may be reevaluated and adjusted as needs change.

Contact Amelia Kassel, 800-544-5924, or just e-mail right here for more details and costs.


Amelia Kassel, Master of Library Science, is President and owner of MarketingBase, a successful information brokering company since 1984. Market research, competitive intelligence and worldwide business information using electronic databases are specialties. Ms. Kassel teaches at the University of California Berkeley and for the Information Professionals Institute. Courses include information brokering, online research, and marketing. She also conducts workshops and seminars at national conferences and keeps abreast of the diverse types of information brokering services that new people entering the field need to learn.


Contact: amelia@marketingbase.com
Telephone: 800-544-5924 or 707-829-9421 | Fax: 707-823-2713

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