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MarketingBase provides business and market intelligence through its expert searching of thousands of databases, many of which are only available through commercial accounts we maintain especially for the purpose of finding hard-to-find information to meet quick deadlines. As required and requested, we provide executive summaries and reports to synthesize and make information easy for you to use.

We're expert at

  • Internet Research
  • We use high-speed technologies thus saving you from wasting time.

We're expert at finding

  • Critical information not available free on the Internet from more than 22 professional database providers and aggregators including:
  • The Dialog Corporation (Dialog, Profound, Newsroom, DataStar, and TradStat)
  • LexisNexis
  • Factiva
  • ProQuest Direct
  • Thomson Research
  • Alacra
  • Skyminder
  • 10KWizard
  • LIVEDGAR (GSIOnline)
  • Global Reports
  • Highbeam/Eliyon
  • Hoover's Company Profiles
  • Datamonitor Company Profiles
  • EbscoHost

These vendors provide U.S. and international business, financial, legal, medical, educational and corporate information from many of the most prestigious information producers in the world, including Thomas Gale, Dun & Bradstreet, and the Wall Street Journal, to name just a few.


MarketingBase offers Internet and online research training through its Mentor Program  or the new Corporate Mentor Program which are delivered via e-mail. Contact us for more details.


MarketingBase conducts Competitive Intelligence (CI) using electronic database research, telephone interview, or manual library research.  All CI is performed discreetly and confidentially.


When you contact MarketingBase we thoroughly discuss your information need at no charge. We ask you to inform us of the purpose of the request and what you already know or don't know because this knowledge makes it possible to evolve the best strategy for obtaining data. We begin by conducting research in computer databases. Your requests are formatted into professional reports which contain market overviews, industry trends, statistics, marketing strategies and major player/competitor information. We include listings of published market research available for purchase, key trade journals and associations and additional industry sources.

We respond to you in a personalized way by requesting your input before we begin and after we complete your project. Your input is key to enabling us to tailor your current and future requests with precision, thoroughness and speed.


Current Trends of Any Industry: Trend Backgrounders provide you with recent trends in any industry identified with a Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC.) Often, we develop these reports to meet your specified market segment requests. Our researchers select items from key trade, professional, and regional business and news sources with a 3-4 day turnaround time.

Companies use Trend Backgrounders to get up to speed fast on unfamiliar industries. Use to prepare for meeting with prospective clients.

Competitive Industry Profile or Market Overview - U.S. or Selected Country or Region: Contains industry trends, statistics, and forecasts, and, company profiles of several major players. Information is taken from key trade and business journals, selected news media, and investment analysts' reports. Included are leading industry sources such as already existing published market research studies and major trade associations.  Full-text articles, press releases, substantive summaries and additional resources are provided. Comprehensive searching of your selection of national and regional newspapers, a rich source for industry, market and company data is available.

Companies use this survey to obtain strategic planning information. Used for business planning.

Marketing & Advertising Strategies for a Specified Industry: Contains marketing, advertising, and public relations information. Incorporated when applicable are:
Descriptions of ad campaigns, ad effectiveness, and media use
Marketing information such as positioning, target markets, market segmentation, market research, and sales promotions
Distribution channels
Full text copy of new products announcements and unedited press releases. The latter inclusions are dependent on availability of such information for a particular industry or product.

Companies use this to learn about key marketing and advertising strategies being used on a national and regional basis.

Company Report/Backgrounder: Contains corporate management and marketing strategies, new product introductions and product information from industry analysts' reports, press coverage, and, trade, business, and regional sources. Annual reports and financial information are included when available and requested.

Companies use these reports prior to meeting with new business prospects and to learn about competitors. A related service we offer is advertising and publicity tracking and competitor analysis reports of companies and their products. See: Ad & Publicity Tracking Competitive Intelligence.

Industry Profile Combination with Special Attention on One or More Topics from the following list:
Marketing, Advertising, & Promotional Strategies or Trends
Consumer Trends & Attitudes
Regional Focus
Technological Innovations
Customer Base and Contracts Awarded
Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Information
Financial Data
Add-on Newspaper Coverage of above topics
World Market
Article & Document Delivery: When you need to obtain an article or market research report use MarketingBASE We are connected to national and international sources.
Tracking or Monitoring Industries, Companies or Products on a regular basis. Price varies. We discuss costs prior to beginning work.

Each topic, category, industry, company, product or service is priced separately. Tailoring to meet your requirements and specifications is our primary interest. Examples of two different topics follow:

EXAMPLE TOPIC 1. Supermarket Industry Trends. Tracking in trade and industry publications.

EXAMPLE TOPIC 2. XYZ Company - Tracking in trade & industry publications.

Ad & Publicity Tracking Competitive Intelligence: We contract with a highly skilled company to track ads and publicity in consumer, trade and news media of your choice. Selected media and competitors or products are tracked over time and detailed reports containing messages, budgets, and publicity of competitors are supplied. Actual ads are provided, organized in a binder.
Literature Searches. On any topic
Demographic Data
Library Consulting, Resource Development, and Database Design for Corporate, Organization/Association Libraries, Clearinghouses or Special Collections. Providing: Needs Assessments, State of the Art Research and Recommendations for the Use of Computers in Libraries.
Online Database Consulting/Training: Tailored Training in Online Research


Contact: amelia@marketingbase.com
Telephone: 800-544-5924 or 707-829-9421 | Fax: 707-823-2713

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